History of Washington County, Alabama to 1860

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When Spain ceded Florida to Great Britain in 1763, the northern boundary was the thirty-first parallel. But Great Britain soon divided the territory into East Florida and West Florida and extended the northern boundary of West Florida to the parallel of thirty-two degrees and twenty-eight minutes. At teh close of the American Revolution, Spain recovered the Floridas. It was understood between the United States and Great Britain that if England kept the Floridas, she was to have the parallel of thirty-two degrees, twenty-eight minutes. But if she had to cede it to Spain, the United States was to have to the thirty-first parallel. Great Britain signed the treaty of 1783 with Spain and did not define the northern boundary of Florida. Naturally, Spain insisted on the boundary held by England. This situation left the United States and Spain in dispute. NOTICE: The map included in this document was presented as two parts but these were combined during digitization.