A critical edition of Kӧhler’s 25 Romantic Etudes, op. 66

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In the nineteenth century, pedagogues often composed collections of etudes as a basis of instruction for young pupils. Many of these are still used in modern practice as a set of guidelines for well-balanced study and for the development of fundamentals of flute performance, such as tone and technical agility. Among these virtuosic instructors was Ernesto Köhler (1849-1907), who was noted for his exemplary musicianship alongside his teaching methods for both flute and mandolin. His etude collection, 25 Romantische Etüden im modernen Stil, op.66, is appropriate for use by intermediate and advanced-intermediate flute students today. The moderate technical ability required, and the frequency with which Köhler’s works appear on all-state lists, both recommend study of his etudes. Despite this, there are relatively few scholarly works dedicated to the exploration of his compositions. This paper will be the first critical and performing edition of 25 Romantische Etüden. This edition was compiled by critically surveying multiple print editions of this collection of etudes. These etudes are then augmented with a performance guide, which will aid the performer in striking a balance between preserving the original attributes of these etudes and allowing for individual musical expression in their execution. Additionally, the author will explore a selection of flute systems in popular use at the time of this collection’s composition and determine the impact this may have had on the etudes as a whole.

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