Life history of expert wheelchair and standing basketball coaches

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The purpose of this study was to extend previous research on coaching and teaching by developing an in-depth understanding of the process by which expert wheelchair and standing collegiate basketball coaches acquire, develop, and implement the knowledge and essential attributes necessary to succeed in professional coaching. This was accomplished by examining, through a life history approach, the coaches' reflections about their sporting backgrounds, processes of acquiring coaching knowledge, and knowledge sources and attributes that were most meaningful toward their growth as successful coaches. One researcher observed, interviewed, and analyzed two successful collegiate head basketball coaches while focusing on the life events of each coach to illustrate how their background and experiences in coaching and sport have shaped their expert coaching practice, knowledge, application of that knowledge, and helped identify the essential attributes necessary to become an expert coach. Using analytic induction, the data analysis revealed five themes: (a) for love of the game, (b) the coach as teacher and learner, (c) the thinking coach, (d) values and principles as attributes, and (e) communication. The findings provide a glimpse into the lives of expert wheelchair and standing basketball coaches and identify the most prominent knowledge sources and attributes of the expert coach.

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Kinesiology, Physical education