A wind band transcription of James Reese Europe's "The Clef Club March"

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James Reese Europe was an accomplished musician, composer, conductor, and bandleader. A key figure in the transition from ragtime to jazz, Europe was an advocate of African American music and musicians, and he helped them gain acceptance in the United States and abroad. After his untimely death in 1919, the result of being stabbed by one of his drummers, Europe’s fame unfortunately turned to obscurity. He achieved much in his short life and was a significant influence on American music at an important time in the nation’s history. With this document and transcription, I hope to bring James Reese Europe’s music and his influence some of the attention it deserves. The components of the document include a biographical sketch of the composer, details of the original composition and the transcription process, suitable applications for the piece, and a score of the wind band transcription of “The Clef Club March.”

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