Reaching Academic Library Users During the COVID-19 Pandemic: New and Adapted Approaches in Access Services

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The COVID-19 pandemic, which hit academic libraries in the United States during the spring semester of 2020, forced librarians and staff to redouble their efforts to reach out to users in light of newly enforced safety measures such as building closures, quarantine periods, enforced social distancing, etc. This article describes three services - one adapted, one newly developed, and one a collaboration across several units on campus - to allow users to continue receiving the assistance and the materials they needed despite the obstacles inherent to the pandemic. Unexpectedly, these changes also helped streamline processes in a post-pandemic academic library environment.

access services, chat, Grab N Go, COVID-19, streamlining services
Decker, E. (2021): Reaching academic library users during the COVID-19 pandemic: New and adapted approaches in access services. Journal of Access Services, 18(1).