Troy University branch expansion, 1964-2005: Kudzu U.

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This is an institutional history for the period between 1964-2005 examining the branch expansion of Troy University. Troy University, which began as Troy Normal School in 1887 evolved a great deal during the 20th century. Much of this evolution took place in the latter half of the century, as the institution grew from a single campus institution, to a university with more than 60 teaching locations located throughout the world. For the majority of this study, the entity operated under the name Troy State University. Many circumstances lead to the off-campus growth of this institution but the entrepreneurial personalities of the chief executive officers and various external factors were most responsible. For nearly twenty years of this time period, Troy operated with three separately accredited institutions, with locations in Montgomery and Dothan gaining independent status from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The merger of all three institutions under one institution, strategically called One Great University (OGU), took place in 2005. This merger also resulted in one final name change to Troy University. This study examines the growth of an institution through off-campus expansion, focusing on the challenges and opportunities which accompanied this endeavor.

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