Development and testing of protocols for evaluating emerging technologies for the treatment of stormwater

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The primary objective of this research is to examine different testing protocols used to evaluate the removal capabilities of small stormwater control devices. The focus of the field research is to examine the different methods that have been used to measure the performance of stormwater control devices. Detailed field evaluations of the Up-Flo® Filter, which was, in part, developed by engineers at the University of Alabama through a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, are used to evaluate and compare the different evaluation protocols. Past data from laboratory and pilot-scale tests that examined unit process performance are also used in the examination of the different evaluation protocols. Therefore, different evaluation tests were conducted under many different scales and conditions to determine the expected performance of the Up-Flo® Filter. This is a unique opportunity to examine the results of these different tests to compare and determine which results are also reflected during the full-scale observations under actual rain conditions, and to determine the performance insights which were found during the different testing methods. The evaluation testing is based on the available protocols, including: TAPE, TARP, NJCAT, and ETV, extended to incorporate additional information. The aim of this research is to recommend modifications to these protocols and to develop a more robust testing and evaluation procedure that can be better used under a broad range of conditions, considering scaling issues and uncertainties associated with different testing environments. Even though these tests examined a single technology in detail, it is expected that the insights obtained pertaining to evaluation protocols would apply to other similar devices (relatively small flow-through systems having limited storage capacity for the treatment of stormwater).

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Civil engineering, Environmental engineering, Water resources management