The People's Republic of China's foreign exchange business

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The purpose of this research project was to better understand the attitudes and beliefs of undergraduate exchange students from the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) regarding economics. We focused on general background, economics education, international views and domestic views. For the case study, the participants (n=10) used an online system called Nicenet over a 4 week period to presents their views. Qualitative data was gathered from the transcripts of the online sessions. In this study, literature on PRC economics and within a sociocultural framework was explored. Themes emerged within this study that included: 1) in regards to secondary education, the students were aware of the strong role that education plays in their economic success, 2) in regards to the issues related to university attitudes, the participants expressed what they viewed as positive and negative aspects of studying abroad, and 3) in regards to issues of mainland China, the students referred to their collective knowledge about the PRC. The results of this study lend credence and value to educational research investigations for multiple perspectives, as in this case, PRC students and their attitudes and beliefs regarding economics.

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Secondary education, Economics