Improving intelligent analytics through guidance: analysis and refinement of patterns of use and recommendation methods for data mining and analytics systems

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In conjunction with the proliferation of data collection applications, systems that provide functionality to analyze and mine this resource also increase in count and complexity. As a part of this growth, understanding how users navigate these systems, and how that navigation influences the resulting extracted information and subsequent decisions becomes a critical component of their design. A central theme of improving the understanding of user behavior and tools for their support within these systems focuses the effort to gain a context-aware view of analytics system optimization. Through distinct, but interwoven, articles this research examines the specific characteristics of usage patterns of a specific example of these types of systems, construction of and educational support system for new and existing users, and a decision-tree supported workflow optimization recommender system. These components combine to yield a method for guided intelligent analytics that uses behavior, system knowledge, and workflow optimization to improve the user experience and promote efficiency of use for systems of this type.

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