La flûte et la femme: a study of selected chamber music for flute by Germaine Tailleferre

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This document presents selections from Germaine Tailleferre’s chamber music for flute, and, through the discussion of her compositions for the flute (Forlane, Pastorale, and Concertino,) will present a performance guide with techniques that can be applied to French flute music from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This document will also discuss Tailleferre’s place among the French composers’ collective known as Les Six and her compositional influences from Erik Satie, Dadaism, and neoclassic music. The compositional ideals espoused by Les Six¬¬, including simplicity and clarity of texture, were a manifestation of a growing contempt for German culture following the Great War. This aesthetic can be seen throughout Tailleferre’s compositions and will be highlighted as a component of her flute compositions. Also considered is Tailleferre’s score written in 1957 to accompany a film by Israeli filmmaker David Perlov, titled Tante Chinoise et les autres. I will draw comparisons between the music of the score and the visual elements of the film through the use of short excerpts transcribed from the score and pictures of the artwork that comprise the film.

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