Pb_0.95 La_0.05 Zr_0.54 Ti_0.46 O_3 thin films for photovoltaic applications

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Ferroelectrics have shown potential as a promising alternative material for future photovoltaic applications. Observance of high open circuit voltages in ferroelectric thin films, have generated considerable interest in the field of ferroelectric photovoltaic in recent years. The field of ferroelectric photovoltaic is evolving and not yet completely understood compared to the semiconductor based photovoltaic technology. This dissertation presents photovoltaic properties of ferroelectric Pb_0.95 La_0.05 Zr_0.54 Ti_0.46 O_3 thin films. The films were fabricated by solution based methods and spin coating technique. The post annealing process on these films was optimized to achieve the desired ferroelectric and dielectric properties. A measurement setup was established to study the PV characteristic of the devices. Dependence of current-voltage (I-V) behavior of the cells on parameters such as electrical poling, annealing temperature, nature of top electrodes, and intensity of illumination, was investigated. The photovoltaic response was shown to improve by using electrodes with low work functions. An electric circuit model was developed to simulate the behavior of a single ferroelectric photovoltaic cell and the dependence of open circuit voltage (Voc) and short circuit current (Isc) on light intensity.

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