Sustainability analysis for construction companies under the LEED code

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Sustainable construction is a very important input for economic development, improvement of human quality of living, and a major resource to decrease the negative impacts to our environment. While much published literature on sustainability really focuses on efforts made during a project’s early concept planning and after it is built, there is little studies of construction phase actions. The lack of research suggests that sustainability during the construction phase of projects require more investigation, therefore the construction industry does not have enough measurable data to rely on. In response to this need, the research related to construction is a must. The three main components of sustainability will be analyzed in favor of the construction industry. These main components of sustainability include the following aspects: environment, society and the economy. During the environment analysis, the relationship between sustainable new constructions inside United States compared to the rest of the world is compared. For the society aspect, an explanation of the relationship between the number of people certified to work in sustainable construction for different regions is presented. For the economy, the pricing relationship between CII (Construction Industry Index) sustainable construction measures are compared with traditional construction and the LEED code. Following the analysis of these three main categories, different results and conclusions are provided in favor of the construction industry.

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