Implemention of the personalized system of instruction for the first time by an experienced teacher to one intact eighth grade class

dc.contributorErevelles, Nirmala
dc.contributorHardin, L. Brent
dc.contributorSinelnikov, Oleg A.
dc.contributor.advisorCurtner-Smith, Matthew
dc.contributor.advisorStran, Margaret E.
dc.contributor.authorYoung, Andrew Benjamin
dc.contributor.otherUniversity of Alabama Tuscaloosa
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dc.description.abstractPrevious research has shown that both students and teachers are challenged when introduced to a different learning environment. This is a qualitative study that involves a teacher and one intact eighth-grade class using the Personalized System of Instruction (PSI). In conjunction with the introduction of PSI, the teacher of this research study participated in a one-day professional development coupled with continuous professional development sessions throughout the duration of the study. The results of this study highlighted favorable results, implementation obstacles, and opportunities for improved implementation of the instructional model. The students were not privy to participation in a full version of the PSI model because of the teaching style of the implementing teacher. The teacher of this study implemented a loose version of the PSI model despite continued professional development and encouragement from the researcher. Despite the lack of implementation from the teacher, the students were able to learn skills that would allow them the opportunity to play a full version of the badminton game. The teacher was challenged with the idea of relinquishing control of student learning. Furthermore, the researcher had a tenuous time with the instructor to embrace all the tenets of the PSI instructional model during every class session. Constructivism, occupational socialization theory, and Model of Teacher Change were used to develop the theoretical framework. The constructivist theory was incorporated evaluating whether the students were able to flourish from previous experiences and past knowledge of net/wall games. The occupational socialization theory was used to help clarify and understand the teachers’ views on teaching students. The Model of Teacher Change was incorporated to determine the level of change associated with a professional development program.en_US
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dc.subjectPhysical education
dc.titleImplemention of the personalized system of instruction for the first time by an experienced teacher to one intact eighth grade classen_US
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