The use of technology in developmental education

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While the topic of who is responsible for addressing the issue of developmental education is being discussed at the national level, it is also presently being discussed in the Alabama post-secondary arena, where committees and symposiums are forming to discuss this topic. While nothing has yet been resolved, it still bears some study since developmental education is an important function for most community colleges. This study adds to the current data of the success of students who take developmental courses. Most of the studies done on the topic of developmental education focus on the comparison between student's who had remediation with those who did not. There is not much data that compares the type of instruction given in remedial courses and how the different types of instruction affect student learning outcomes. This study compared two different methods of instructional delivery in a developmental English classroom, straight lecture based classrooms and classes where some type of technology was used to deliver course material, and evaluated the learning outcomes for each class.

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Community college education, Education, Technology