The tectonic relationships of the Hillabee Chlorite Schist and the adjacent rock units in southern Cleburne County, Alabama

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Southern Cleburne county Alabama contains two defined litho-tectonic blocks separated by a large displacement thrust fault. The Talladega block is composed of low grade metamorphic rocks. Sericite Phyllites and Quartzites are the main composition units. Metamorphic and tectonic events have created four defined structural events that are mapped in the block. The Hillabee Chlorite Schist, a low grade metamorphic unit lies conformable and the youngest unit in the Talladega block. Geochemical analysis indicates the origin to be in an island arc environment. The Coosa Block is thrust over the Talladega clock. The Hollins line fault is the contact between the Talladega and Coosa Blocks. The Coosa Block is composed of high grade Amphibolites facies rocks. Mica Schist with garnet and kyanite are interbedded with Amphibolites composing this block. Deformation along the Hollins line Fault creates a sercite phyllite in the high grade metamorphic Coosa Block unit. These phyllites include garnet that defines the contact between the two blocks and the placement of the Hollins line fault.

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