Investigation of Late Woodland cultural changes at the Bridgeport site (1JA574), Alabama

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This thesis examines Late Woodland cultural changes in northeast Alabama at the Bridgeport site, 1JA574, specifically the switch from ceramic stylistic homogeneity and social consensus in the Middle Woodland (A.D. 100-400/500) to increased ceramic stylistic heterogeneity and social differentiation after the decline of the Hopewellian Interaction Sphere in the Late Woodland (A.D. 400/500-1000). A sample of 2, 378 decorated ceramics from excavated unit strata and storage pit features were used to assess ceramic diversity based on David Braun's (1991) model of changing levels of social interaction in the Woodland Midwest. This research seeks to determine if the same trends can be identified in the Woodland Southeast. It is found that ceramic stylistic diversity and evenness increase over time, but ceramic stylistic intensity decreases over time, indicating a trend toward more social differentiation and heterarchy.

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Anthropology, Archaeology