Matched interface and boundary enhanced multiresolution time-domain algorithm for electromagnetic simulations

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The present work introduces a new boundary closure treatment for the wavelet based multiresolution time-domain (MRTD) solution of Maxwell's equations [1]. Accommodating nontrivial boundary conditions, such as the Robin condition or time dependent condition, has been a challenging issue in the MRTD analysis of wave scattering, radiation, and propagation. A matched interface and boundary multiresolution time-domain (MIBMRTD) method is introduced to overcome this difficulty. Several numerical benchmark tests are carried out to valid the MIB-MRTD method. Dispersion and stability analysis for the MIB-MRTD method are conducted and compared with the high-order finite difference time-domain (FDTD) method . The proposed boundary treatment can also be applied to other high order approaches, such as the dispersion-relation-preserving (DRP) method. The MIB boundary scheme greatly enhances the feasibility for applying the MRTD methods to more complicated electromagnetic structures.

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Applied mathematics, Electromagnetics