Elementary teachers' in rural schools: perceptions and use of technology in the classroom

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The purpose of this study was to discover rural elementary teachers' perceptions of technology use in the classroom and to what extent elementary teachers use technology. The focus of the study was on the perceptions of rural elementary teachers in four different elementary schools, within the same school system. The independent variables utilized were AMSTI schools and Non-AMSTI schools, teacher age above and below 40, and teacher experience above and below 15 years. This mixed method study utilized a triangulation design to analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Quantitative data were collected using a 25-question 5-point Likert scale survey and qualitative data were collected via one-on-one interviews utilizing a 7 question interview script. Findings of the study indicate there is a difference in teachers' perceptions between AMSTI schools and Non-AMSTI schools, teachers below 40 compared to teachers above 40, and teachers with less than 15 years of experience compared to teachers with over 15 years of experience. The findings of this study indicate a need for teacher centered technology training on how to use technology in the classroom.

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Educational technology, Education