Parental involvement as it relates to student satisfaction for undergraduate students at a 4-year public university

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The purpose of this study was to examine the topic of parental involvement as it relates to students at a 4-year public university. Previous studies have researched parent involvement by surveying parents on how involved they are in the higher education process of their students. Without providing student input on this issue, most previous data does not present a complete picture of the effects of parent involvement and how satisfied undergraduate students are with that involvement. Universities and administrators alike should value this information to help them better understand the student-parent relationship in college. It is important to comprehend this so that when colleges and universities seek to include parents in their students' college experience, they can use past and present research to develop plausible solutions. The bodies of literature and the results of this study help create a link between the research questions and conceptual framework. The literature focuses on several main topic areas, including student satisfaction measures, Generation Y, parental involvement, perceptions of parental involvement, college transition, and the first-year experience. The examination of the literature allows for the development of four main research questions and subquestions addressing parental involvement as it relates to student satisfaction. Data for this study included a sample of 4,340 undergraduate-level students at a southeastern university. T tests, regression, and Chi-square were used to analyze the data and provide results for the four main research questions. The researcher found through analysis of the data that a relationship existed between parental involvement and student satisfaction. The results of the t tests also showed that significance existed between certain demographic groups for items under college choice, social experience, and academic experience.

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