A study of high school dual enrollment participation at Alabama’s public colleges and universities

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This case study explored dual enrollment program implementation and student participation at a public high school in Alabama. The study gathered current data to describe the salient actions and cultural beliefs that influence dual enrollment program participation. The findings help to better understand the institutional practices that attract students to participate in dual enrollment programs. This study describes the process by which a high school generates student participation in dual enrollment programs and identifies its established institutional practices that lead to higher student participation. The findings described the noticeable actions and cultural beliefs that facilitated student participation. The following research questions provided the data needed to answer the overarching questions of this study: 1) What were the strategies the high school used to attract students to participate in dual enrollment programs; 2) How did the high school assist students in successfully completing dual enrollment programs; and 3) What challenges does the high school face in the implementation of dual enrollment programs?

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