Wellbeing and Workplace Culture in Public Relations and Communication Industries in Croatia

dc.contributor.authorZeman, Marija Geiger
dc.contributor.authorMiletić, Geran-Marko
dc.contributor.authorHoly, Mirela
dc.contributor.authorTopić, Martina
dc.contributor.editorTopić, Martina
dc.description.abstractThe Croatian team consists of Dr Marija Geiger Zeman, Dr Geran-Marko Miletić from the Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar (Zagreb), and Dr Mirela Holy from VERN’ University (Zagreb). The research team joined the implementation of the research Wellbeing in Public Relations and Communication Industries in February 2023. Due to the later involvement, the members of the Croatian team did not participate in the conceptualization of the research and the creation of the research instrument. In cooperation with Dr Zdenko Zeman (Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb) and Dr Brigita Miloš (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka) received questionnaire was modified and adapted to the local context. The online research was conducted in the period from April to July 2023. The online questionnaire with an invitation was sent to: - professional organisations of PR and communication experts (HURA, HUOJ, Croatian Association of Independent Professionals) - creative hub and online market of freelance jobs (Bizkoshnica and Freelance.hr). Also, research was advertised on social networks LinkedIn and Twitter (personal account of research team member Dr Mirela Holy). Participating in the survey took 15 minutes. The biggest challenge for the research team and the primary limitation of the Croatian part of the research is the low response rate (72 respondents out of which 66 were employed participants, and six of them were freelancers). The description of the sample includes data for employees and freelancers, however, due to the small number of freelancers who responded to participate in the research, the report will present data related to employees only. The data will be presented at a descriptive level and results of the regression analysis for predicting job satisfaction will be presented. Despite challenges related to the low response rate, the data can serve as a good starting point for determining the main trends and conceptualization of further research.
dc.identifier.citationGeiger Zeman. M., Miletić, G.-M., & Holy, M. (2024). Women and Workplace Culture in Public Relations and Communication Industries in Croatia. EUPRERA Report Vol 5., No. 1., Topić, M. (ed). Leeds/Brussels: Creative Media and Communications Research Ltd. & EUPRERA. ISSN 2633-2353
dc.publisherCreative Media and Communications Research Ltd. & EUPRERA
dc.relation.ispartofseries5; 1
dc.titleWellbeing and Workplace Culture in Public Relations and Communication Industries in Croatia
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