Twenty-first century music that embodies a positive relationship between trumpet and piano

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This manuscript emphasizes the importance of new music by arguing that it exposes both audiences and musicians to learn and understand new ideas, that it challenges musicians to rethink how they program performances and utilize technological advancements, and that it artistically and financially supports a large and diverse population of current composers.The next section of the manuscript discusses chamber music and the responsibilities of the musicians. Ultimately, musicians in a chamber setting are of equal importance and must learn each other’s music as well as their own in order to effectively communicate through various body languages during a performance. Improving this skill is possible through the attendance of concert performances and through studying recorded performances, but there is no substitute for learning through experience. The final section of the manuscript analyzes the music selected for the recording project through interviews with the composers of each piece. It also utilizes interviews conducted with the pianists who worked on each piece to discuss any unique aspects of the music from their perspective as collaborators in different stages of their careers. The recording/editing process is also discussed as there are challenges involving microphone setup, audio balance, and editing various recordings together that were unique based on the pieces being recorded.

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Music, Performing arts, Musical composition