Presenting a Systematic Literature Review Method Using a Mixed-Methods Design and its Application to Mind Map Research

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This study introduces a novel approach for conducting Systematic Literature Reviews(SLRs) by incorporating a unique mixed-methods design into the well-established SLR process. The proposed approach, identified as Mixed-Methods Based Systematic Literature Review (MMB-SLR), not only provides researchers with a broader perspective on their research content compared to traditional single-method SLR, but also aligns with the iterative, reflective characteristics inherent to action research. With the flexibility provided by numerous mixed-method designs and SLR procedures, researchers can explore a myriad of combinations to implement the MMB-SLR. This study briefly explores two primary combinations using explanatory sequential design and exploratory sequential design, illustrating the MMB-SLR process through a specific research topic: Mind Map studies within higher education. To ensure a robust and thorough review, several SLR standards are recommended, including but not limited to the PICO procedure, Melynk Hierarchy of Evidence, PRISMA 2020 flow diagram, and the revised Cochrane risk-of-bias tool for randomized trials. In conclusion, this study delves into the superior benefits of the MMB-SLR over the conventional single-method SLRs, highlighting its potential applicability and contributions across diverse research fields.

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Higher Education, Mind Map, Mixed-Methods design, MMB-SLR, Systematic Literature Review