Wi-Fi attack mitigation: analysis, design and implementation

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Wi-Fi network provides local area network with mobility, convenience and low cost. At the same time, it suffers several typical security problems, such as being unsafe and more vulnerable than traditional wired network. The shared nature of wireless medium makes wireless network attacks easily to be launched by adversaries. As a result, it is requisite to have the research and evaluation on Deny of Service (DoS) attacks and the strategy to mitigate DoS attacks. In this dissertation, we review several wireless attack methods, attack detection schemes and attack mitigation strategies. Afterward, we analyze the 802.11 wireless network behaviors during attack and propose our improved attack detection and mitigation strategies. More importantly, we implement and evaluate our attack detection and mitigation schemes on our developing platform which is based on commercial Wi-Fi adapters by using the Atheros chipset network adapters. Moreover, we configure the Ubiquiti Routerstation (RS) with the Atheros wireless adapters to support the attack detection and access point control functions. By connecting the Routerstation to the access point, the ordinary 802.11 wireless networks can be endued with our attack detection and mitigation strategy.

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