A program evaluation of a cross-age tutorial program

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the Freshman Academy, a cross-age tutorial program, at Pinewood High School in Georgia, via a program evaluation. One-hundred different students from Pinewood High School's fall 2007 ninth grade class were randomly selected to participate in the study. Students were given questionnaires, which were analyzed to understand how, if at all, students benefit from tutoring and what attitudes exist among those groups who attend. Results indicate responses amongst different participants vary little. Specifically this study sought to understand, from a students' perspective, why students, regardless of their ethnicity group or gender group, chose not to attend a free cross-age tutorial program. The study also sought to find out what were the commonalities of those who chose to attend and what were thoughts of those who designed the Freshman Academy cross-age tutorial program. The results of the program evaluation included surveys, charts and interviews, which were compared with research literature. This evaluation showed that the Freshman Academy does not always follow suggested research and little significant differences existed among ethnic and gender groups who did or did not choose to attend. Exploring differences of attendees and potential attendees is a good idea; however, more research needs to be done on the specific attitudes of those who attended and those who chose not to attend.

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