Victim-defense attorney interactions in court: the defense attorney perspective

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Despite substantial research focusing on victims of crime and their interactions with various criminal justice professionals, few studies have explored the relationship between victims and defense attorneys. Understanding these interactions is critical to developing positive interactions between victims and defense attorneys, as well as promoting positive outcomes for both criminal defendants and victims. This study focuses specifically on the nature of victim and federal public defense attorney interactions within the federal court setting from a defense attorney perspective. This study also explores the implications of adopting victim outreach programs like Defense-Initiated Victim Outreach, or DIVO, in a southern state. These types of programs promote restorative justice measures and victim outreach on behalf of defense attorneys. Through in-depth interviews which examine the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of defense attorneys, this study provides new information concerning how defense attorneys perceive victim and defense attorney interactions in their work. This research also provides insight into critical aspects of the criminal justice process. Interactions between legal professionals and victims can have a direct impact on cases and the emotional well-being of victims, defendants, and the professionals who work alongside them. Defense attorneys offer a unique perspective that could help provide further knowledge for creating positive effects for interactions with victims.

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Law, Criminology