Chiral hydrodynamics in strong external magnetic fields

dc.contributor.authorAmmon, Martin
dc.contributor.authorGrieninger, Sebastian
dc.contributor.authorHernandez, Juan
dc.contributor.authorKaminski, Matthias
dc.contributor.authorKoirala, Roshan
dc.contributor.authorLeiber, Julian
dc.contributor.authorWu, Jackson
dc.contributor.otherUniversity of Alabama Tuscaloosa
dc.description.abstractWe construct the general hydrodynamic description of (3+1)-dimensional chiral charged (quantum) fluids subject to a strong external magnetic field with effective field theory methods. We determine the constitutive equations for the energy-momentum tensor and the axial charge current, in part from a generating functional. Furthermore, we derive the Kubo formulas which relate two-point functions of the energy-momentum tensor and charge current to 27 transport coefficients: 8 independent thermodynamic, 4 independent non-dissipative hydrodynamic, and 10 independent dissipative hydrodynamic transport coefficients. Five Onsager relations render 5 more transport coefficients dependent. We uncover four novel transport effects, which are encoded in what we call the shear-induced conductivity, the two expansion-induced longitudinal conductivities and the shear-induced Hall conductivity. Remarkably, the shear-induced Hall conductivity constitutes a novel non-dissipative transport effect. As a demonstration, we compute all transport coefficients explicitly in a strongly coupled quantum fluid via holography.en_US
dc.identifier.citationAmmon, M., Grieninger, S., Hernandez, J., Kaminski, M., Koirala, R., Leiber, J., & Wu, J. (2021). Chiral hydrodynamics in strong external magnetic fields. In Journal of High Energy Physics (Vol. 2021, Issue 4). Springer Science and Business Media LLC.
dc.subjectHigh Energy Physics - Theory
dc.subjectStrongly Correlated Electrons
dc.subjectGeneral Relativity and Quantum Cosmology
dc.subjectNuclear Theory
dc.subjectAdS-CFT Correspondence
dc.subjectEffective Field Theories
dc.subjectHolography and condensed matter physics (AdS/CMT)
dc.subjectHolography and quark-gluon plasmas
dc.titleChiral hydrodynamics in strong external magnetic fieldsen_US
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