Perturbative SO(10) Grand Unification

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We consider a phenomenologically viable SO(10) grand unification model of the unification scale M around 10₁₆  GeV which reproduces the minimal supersymmetric standard model at low energy and allows perturbative calculations up to the Planck scale Mₚ or the string scale Mₛₜ. Both requirements strongly restrict a choice of Higgs representations in a model. We propose a simple SO(10) model with a set of Higgs representations {2 × 10 + 1̅6̅ + 16 + 45} and show its phenomenological viability. This model can indeed reproduce the low-energy experimental data relating the charged fermion masses and mixings. Neutrino oscillation data can be consistently incorporated in the model, leading to the right-handed neutrino mass scale MR≃M²G/Mₚ. Furthermore, there exists a parameter region which results the proton lifetime consistent with the experimental results.

Unified theories and models of strong and electroweak interactions, Quark and lepton masses and mixing, Neutrino mass and mixing, Supersymmetric models