Digital one-to-one: the teachers' concerns in the change process

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Most current research on digital one-to-one initiatives are self-reports from schools with limited research based findings. The purpose of this research was to determine the stages of concern for teachers in a southeastern state school district with the innovation of digital one-to-one. Using the theoretical framework of the Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM), this study employed a cross sectional survey design based on the Stages of Concern (SoC) dimensions of the CBAM. A demographic survey and a Stages of Concern Questionnaire (SoCQ) were completed by 116 teachers. Descriptive statistics and quantitative analyses (MANOVAs) of the data were conducted. The study analyzed the independent variables (personal and academic demographics) along with the dependent variable (SoC). This study results placed the teacher concerns primarily at the Self Level – not really concerned about the innovation but concerned about their own role in the adoption and the impact on them. It was also found that teachers’ personal demographics (gender and age) did not impact their SoCs. Further results found that tenure status and years of experience influenced stages of concern, as indicated by high scores in Self-Level concerns (Stages 0-2). The findings of this study can be used to a) guide future research into concerns of teachers with digital one-to-one and b) help change facilitators understand the importance of teachers in the change process of adopting an innovation.

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