Self-Regulated Strategy Development and a Low-Intensity Behavior Strategy: Intensified TWA and Mindful Breathing to Improve the Reading Comprehension Skills of Middle School Students with Learning and Behavioral Disorders

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Students who present with high-incidence disabilities often exhibit deficits in reading comprehension and self-regulatory behavior. Chapter 1 consists of two research to practice papers in manuscript form (with references and tables included in each) discussing how to address these deficits through explicit instruction in reading comprehension and mindful breathing. Chapter 2 consists of a multiple probe across classes single-case design study on TWA, a specific reading comprehension strategy used with the self-regulated strategy development (SRSD) instructional approach, which teaches students to self-regulate and self-monitor while reading. Five students in 5th, 6th, and 8th grades with high-incident disabilities received SRSD TWA with mindful breathing instruction in a special education resource room. The variables of number of main idea and details, length of retell, order of main idea and details, number of self-instructions, number of observed mindful breathing, and goal-setting were examined. Across all participants, the BC-SMD was 1.46 (SE = 0.35) which suggests a large effect. Implications for teachers, limitations, and future directions are provided. Data collection and results of this study were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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mindful breathing, reading comprehension, self-regulated strategy development, TWA