Relationships among peer observation and coaching, teacher reflection, and student achievement

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The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between collaboration with an Instruction Partner and the level of teacher reflection and then determine whether patterns and/or relationships exist between teacher reflection and student achievement. The following research questions were addressed in this study: (1) How does collaboration with an Instructional Partner influence the teachers' level of reflection on their teaching practices? (2) What patterns exist between the teachers' level of reflection and student achievement? (3) How do teachers perceive that collaboration with an Instructional Partner influences their level of reflection, instructional practice, and student learning? The Reflective, Ethical, and Moral Assessment Survey (REMAS, Arredondo Rucinski & Bauch, 2006) was used, with the addition of demographic data and six free response questions, along with student achievement data to investigate the proposed research questions. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, factor analysis, Pearson's Correlation, MANOVA, and coding. MANOVA data revealed that collaboration with an Instructional Partner (p = .013) positively influenced teachers' level of reflection on their instructional practices. Findings from this study suggested implications for Pre-K - 12 educators. Genuine, not forced, collaboration and reflection are effective tools to strengthen instructional practices. When reflection feels forced and evaluated, it becomes an item to check off of a list rather than a meaningful practice; this rigidity has the potential to create resistance among teachers. Time is also an important factor to consider because teachers need the opportunity to modify lessons based on their collaborative and reflective experiences.

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Educational leadership, Educational administration, Teacher education