External Fields in Holography Near and Far from Equilibrium

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This dissertation is devoted to addressing the still ill understood behavior of electromagnetic fields on thermalizing matter in heavy ion collisions. This topic is considered in the context of charged strongly coupled supersymmetric conformal field theory subjected to strong external fields evaluated in thermal states. I begin by presenting studies of three, distinct, time-dependent solutions to the non-linear Einstein-Maxwell-Chern-Simons equations of motion of increasing complexity and phenomenological relevance. The results of these analyses display universal thermalization times for thermalizing matter in strong magnetic fields, linear growth of entropy and entanglement entropy during the production of axial charges and evidence that chiral magnetic signals in heavy ion collisions are more favorable at higher beam energies. Looking more closely at possible final states of these time-dependent systems I study a measure of information via holographic c-functions and demonstrate these functions obey an inverted c-theorem. Finally, I conclude this work by providing evidence that topological gauge field configurations modify the usual notions of confinement/deconfinement transitions in holography.

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AdS/CFT, General Relativity, Heavy ion collisions, String theory