Evaluation of a brief behavioral activation therapy for depression (BATD) group protocol in an inpatientgeriatric psychiatry facility

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The present study examined the effect of a modified Brief Behavioral Activation Therapy for Depression (BATD: Lejuez, Hopko, & Hopko) intervention added to hospital treatment as usual on depressive symptoms (measured by the Geriatric Depression Scale) and global psychopathology (measured by the Brief Symptom Inventory) at a state-run inpatient geriatric psychiatry facility. A control group received hospital treatment as usual only. The intervention was conducted in a group therapy format. Assessments were conducted at baseline, midpoint, and post-intervention. Although results revealed that the intervention did not have a significant effect on depressive symptoms or global psychopathology over and above the effects of hospital treatment as usual, this study was limited by various logistical barriers to implementing the intervention. Treatment implementation data revealed that patient attendance at groups, patient understanding of intervention materials, and patient enactment of treatment concepts in their daily lives were below expectation. Future studies should focus on increasing patient receipt and enactment of the intervention to ensure fair tests of behavioral activation interventions in this setting.

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