Social Network Gap Analysis Evaluation A Case Study of the Southeastern Health Equity Council

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Despite the growing emphasis on collaboration in public health, there remains a dearth of literature providing tools for the evaluation of coalitions and councils. This study employed social network gap analysis as an evaluation tool. Survey data collected from the Southeastern Health Equity Council members were used to assess connections among members as a whole, by committee, by state, and by health specialty area. Analysis of how well Southeastern Health Equity Council met the representation outlined in its strategic plan was also conducted. Recommendations for improving the network and opportunities to effectively recruit and advance the work of Southeastern Health Equity Council are discussed.

health coalitions, partnerships, social network gap analysis, Southeastern Health Equity Council, COALITION, PREVENTION, COMMUNITIES, PREGNANCY, PROGRAMS, MODEL, Family Studies, Public, Environmental & Occupational Health
Bright, C. F., Cozart, T., Bagley, B., Scott, H., & Dennis, J. (2019). Social Network Gap Analysis Evaluation. In Family & Community Health (Vol. 42, Issue 1, pp. 44–53). Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health).