IsoSeq Reads for Three Drosophila Species

Show simple item record Rele, Chinmay P. Reed, Laura K. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Francœur, Nancy Salib, Irene 2022-05-10T19:27:24Z 2023-05-12 2021
dc.description Understanding the regulatory regions of genes is paramount in understanding their expression profiles. Shorter read sequencing technologies do not allow for this since they might not span the entire length of the gene’s transcript. We performed long-read sequencing on the transcriptions of \(\textit{Drosophila anannassae}\), \(\textit{Drosophila bipectinata}\), and \(\textit{Drosophila virilis}\) to identify putative Transcription Start Sites (TSS). This was done at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Project number: PB000416). en_US
dc.description Dataset available on May 12, 2023.
dc.subject RNA-Seq en_US
dc.subject IsoSeq en_US
dc.subject Long Read en_US
dc.subject PacBio en_US
dc.subject CSS Reads en_US
dc.subject Drosophila en_US
dc.subject Drosophila ananassae en_US
dc.subject Drosophila virilis en_US
dc.subject Drosophila bipectinata en_US
dc.subject HiFi en_US
dc.title IsoSeq Reads for Three Drosophila Species en_US
dc.type text

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