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  • Greenlee, Eric T. (University of Alabama Libraries, 2015)
    The primary goal of this study was to identify independent, hemispherically lateralized auditory perceptual resources so that they could be used to expand the Multiple Resources Questionnaire (MRQ), an existing measure ...
  • Batky, Blair (University of Alabama Libraries, 2019)
    Emotional processing deficits are often considered central to psychopathy. There is evidence that those high in psychopathy pay less attention to emotional stimuli, and it is possible that these individuals experience ...
  • Mechin, Nicole Claudette (University of Alabama Libraries, 2015)
    Alcohol cues are prevalent in our everyday lives (on commercials and billboards, in grocery ads, etc.). Past work has demonstrated that exposure to alcohol cues evokes alcohol craving as evidenced by cortical activation. ...

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