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  • Kubak, Franz Alexander (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    The study examined the relationship between psychopathy and anxiety in 147 community boys. Children and their guardians completed self- and parent-report measures of child psychopathy (APSD) and child anxiety (MASC). In ...
  • Adams, Elizabeth Walton (University of Alabama Libraries, 2012)
    In attempting to develop explanatory models for the psychopathic individuals, concern has been expressed regarding psychopathic individuals' ability to accurately recognize emotions in others. When examining the ability ...
  • Rosenbaum, Jill (University of Alabama Libraries, 2010)
    The current study looked at three related areas of research in the field of child psychopathy. It extends the findings of adult research investigating the link between sexual behavior and psychopathy to a sample of detained ...
  • MacDougall, Emily (University of Alabama Libraries, 2014)
    Developmental maturity is an important concept with serious legal repercussions for adolescent offenders (Kent v. U.S., 1966; Roper v. Simmons, 2005). Recent research has emphasized the neurobiological correlates of ...

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