Non-Minimal B – L Inflation with Observable Gravity Waves

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dc.identifier.citation Okada, N., Rehman, M., Shafi, Q. (2011): Non-Minimal B-L Inflation with Observable Gravity Waves. Physics Letters B, 701(520-525). en_US
dc.description.abstract We consider non-minimal λϕ⁴ inflation in a gauged non-supersymmetric U(1)B−L model containing the gravitational coupling ξRΦ†Φ, where R denotes the Ricci scalar and the standard model singlet inflaton field Φ spontaneously breaks the U(1)B−L symmetry. Including radiative corrections, the predictions 0.956≲nₛ≲0.984 and 0.007≲r≲0.1 for the scalar spectral index and tensor to scalar ratio r lie within the current WMAP 1-σ bounds. If the B−L symmetry breaking scale is of order a TeV or so, one of the three right handed neutrinos is a plausible cold dark matter candidate. Bounds on the dimensionless parameters λ, ξ and the gauge coupling gB−L are obtained. en_US
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf en_US
dc.language English en_US
dc.title Non-Minimal B – L Inflation with Observable Gravity Waves en_US
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