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  • Ammon, Martin; Erdmenger, Johanna; Kaminski, Matthias; O'Bannon, Andy (2010-05-14)
  • Erdmenger, Johanna; Kaminski, Matthias; Kerner, Patrick; Rust, Felix (2008-11-11)
  • Erdmenger, Johanna; Haack, Michael; Kaminski, Matthias; Yarom, Amos (2009-01-20)
    We construct electrically charged AdS5 black hole solutions whose charge, mass and boost-parameters vary slowly with the space-time coordinates. From the perspective of the dual theory, these are equivalent to hydrodynamic ...
  • Chang, Han-Chih; Fujita, Mitsutoshi; Kaminski, Matthias (2014-10-21)
    We study Abelian Maxwell-Chern-Simons theory in three-dimensional AdS black hole backgrounds for both integer and non-integer Chern-Simons coupling. Such theories can be derived from various string theory constructions, ...
  • Kaminski, Matthias; Landsteiner, Karl; Mas, Javier; Shock, Jonathan P.; Tarrío, Javier (2010-02-04)
    We provide a framework for calculating holographic Green’s functions from general bilinear actions and fields obeying coupled differential equations in the bulk. The matrix-valued spectral function is shown to be independent ...
  • Amado, Irene; Kaminski, Matthias; Landsteiner, Karl (2009-05-06)
    We study the poles of the retarded Green functions of a holographic superconductor. The model shows a second order phase transition where a charged scalar operator condenses and a U(1) symmetry is spontaneously broken. ...
  • Davison, Richard A.; Grozdanov, Sašo; Janiszewski, Stefan; Kaminski, Matthias (2016)
    We study the linearized transport of transverse momentum and charge in a conjectured field theory dual to a black brane solution of Horava gravity with Lifshitz exponent z = 1. As expected from general hydrodynamic reasoning, ...
  • Dusling, Kevin; Teaney, Derek; Young, Clint; Erdmenger, Johanna; Kaminski, Matthias; Rust, Felix (2008-10-27)
  • Ammon, Martin; Kaminski, Matthias; Koirala, Roshan; Leiber, Julian; Wu, Jackson (2017)
  • Kaminski, Matthias; Landsteiner, Karl; Pena-Benitez, Francisco; Erdmenger, Johanna; Greubel, Constantin; Kerner, Patrick (2010-03-25)
    We present an analysis and classification of vector and scalar fluctuations in a D3/D7-brane setup at finite temperature and baryon density. The system is dual to an N = 2 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with SU(Nc) ...
  • Gulotta, Daniel R.; Herzog, Christopher P.; Kaminski, Matthias (2011-01-31)
    Using the gravity side of the AdS/CFT correspondence, we investigate the analytic properties of thermal retarded Green’s functions for scalars, conserved currents, the stress tensor, and massless fermions. We provide ...

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