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  • Mayfield, Sara (University of Alabama Libraries, 1931)
    "Say quick,"quoth he, "I bid thee say – What manner of man art thou?"
  • Bradford, Beverly (1974)
    Hermann Hesse was born on July 2, 1877 in Calw, a town in southern Germany. Though born in Germany he was a Swiss citizen because of his father, a Baltic-Russian with Swiss citizenship. He became a naturalized German citizen ...
  • Whitehouse, Stella Cocoris (University of Alabama Libraries, 1977)
    Criticism of the drama of the Renaissance has yielded an abundance of Marlovian scholarship, great and varied in scope. Particularly, there has been an immense interest in Marlowe's creation of the superhuman hero--the ...
  • Katz, Elaine S. (University of Alabama Libraries, 1978)
    College instruction in poetry systematically treats, prosody, symbolism, imagery, lexicology, the history of ideas, and critical biography--by no means to exhaust the list. Common sense dictates that it should be possible ...
  • Johnson, Rhonda (University of Alabama Libraries, 1983)
    Out of the women's movement has come a body of women's literature that is different in several ways from that produced prior to it. First, there is simply more of it being written, published, and read. Second, it is becoming ...
  • Bramble 
    Hamilton, Richard (University of Alabama Libraries, 2008)
    A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Arts.
  • Holmes, Sarah Whitney (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    Collection of poems.
  • Gnall, Stacy Celine (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    This thesis is a collection of poems by Stacy Gnall.
  • Simmons, Kathryn Merinda (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    This project calls for a renewed consideration of Mary Prince's 1831 Caribbean slave narrative in critical readings of 20th-century women's migration novels. Specifically, I offer readings of how the signs "gender" and ...
  • Pincumbe, Nicholas James (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    God is our salvation from eternal death. That's what Professor Nicholas Updown grew up believing. But what if there is no God? What then? These questions lead Nicholas down an unprecedented path of scientific exploration ...
  • Evil men 
    Wennermark, Erik (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    A collection of short stories interested in the nature of evil as it relates to the formulation of masculine identity. As means of this exploration, the collection engages a multitude of forms and narrative styles, as well ...
  • Brathwaite, Sara Strickland (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    Currently, there is a great debate concerning whether peer review is an effective activity in the university-level English-as-a-Second-Language writing classroom. Peer review offers the unique opportunity for second-language ...
  • Phelps, Paul Chandler (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    "Written with Teares" studies two romances--Edmund Spenser's "The Faerie Queene" and Sir Philip Sidney's "The New Arcadia"--and begins with a simple hypothesis: that Spenser's and Sidney's elaboration on wounds demonstrate ...
  • McWhirter, Elizabeth Evans (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    This is an original work of fiction.
  • Hurst, Aaron J. (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
  • Phillips, Amanda Lynn (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    In Victorian Masculinities, Herbert Sussman identifies the emergence of the "masculine plot" in mid-nineteenth century writing by male authors. The masculine plot, an alternative to the marriage plot's bourgeois domestic ...
  • Browne, Ryan (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    This is a collection of poems by Ryan James Browne.
  • De Dominic, Nicholas Paul (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    In this collection of poems, my concern is with patriarchy and story telling, specifically of stories passed from father to son, and the failure of hyper masculinity (cyclical violence, impotence, addiction, &c). The book ...
  • Helms, Nicholas Ryan (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    In this thesis I attempt to build and use a cognitive theory of tragedy. I base this theory upon the work of George Lakoff, Mark Johnson, and Mark Turner, whose studies of embodied metaphor and conceptual blending offer ...
  • Strong, Frances Justina (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    Landscapes of Memory: The Cartography of Longing examines three disparate twentieth century writers--Toni Morrison, Marilynne Robinson, and Virginia Woolf--who use similar fictive strategies for the reclamation and revision ...

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