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  • Gilliland, Don (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    Emily Dickinson and Herman Melville are the major nineteenth-century representatives of a strain of American poetry that may be termed, following Elisa New, "religiocentric." In support of this proposition, this study ...
  • Strong, Frances Justina (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    Landscapes of Memory: The Cartography of Longing examines three disparate twentieth century writers--Toni Morrison, Marilynne Robinson, and Virginia Woolf--who use similar fictive strategies for the reclamation and revision ...
  • Grimes, Nancy S. I. (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    Collection of poems and stories.
  • Lee, Michael Jeffrey (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    Something In My Eye is a collection of unlinked short stories set primarily in the southern United States.
  • Jones, Rachel Elizabeth (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    This thesis examines the narratives of Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea and their treatment of Antoinette Bertha Mason Rochester. Jane Eyre describes Bertha as the "lunatic, Mrs. Rochester" while the other novel gives an ...
  • Hopper, Natalie Nicole (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    Whereas ancient accounts of the Prometheus story cast the Titan's wife in a secondary and easily overlooked role, Percy Shelley portrays Prometheus and Asia as mutually dependent partners, establishing the couple as equals ...
  • Fishkin, Benjamin Hart (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    A dilemma inherent within any parent-child relationship is that a youth may require attention and guidance that a parent is unable, or unwilling, to provide. How much is a parent willing to "give up" and will this new role ...
  • Whisenhunt, Eloise Arnold (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    Marianne Moore's Complete Poems is not complete; it contains sixty-six poems, which is about one-third of her published work. What has not been omitted has, in most cases, been revised. Such acts of expurgation and ...
  • Sheets, Jessica Kathryn Ezell (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    The narrator, Jasmine, has moved recently from Arkansas to a small Midwestern town. As she describes the street she lives on, Maple Street, and her new hometown, she recalls the time, years earlier, when she worked as an ...
  • De Dominic, Nicholas Paul (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    In this collection of poems, my concern is with patriarchy and story telling, specifically of stories passed from father to son, and the failure of hyper masculinity (cyclical violence, impotence, addiction, &c). The book ...
  • McKnight, Elizabeth Simpson (University of Alabama Libraries, 2009)
    This project explores the reasons that women write in diaries and blogs and the ways that they reckon with audience and identity through private writing in public spaces. It observes that women write to work through difficult ...
  • Pinho, Kirk (University of Alabama Libraries, 2010)
    Blood Nativity: Poems.
  • Runge, Justin David (University of Alabama Libraries, 2010)
    Poetry written between March of 2009 and February of 2010, exploring conceptions of home, specifically the author's house in Tuscaloosa, his hometown of Lincoln, and his home state of Nebraska.
  • Wingard, John (University of Alabama Libraries, 2010)
    Matthew Mathers is an aging game show host for the local scholastic competition, In It to Win It. Faced with the prospect of being replaced by a younger host to boost ratings, Matthew loses both his public and personal ...
  • Chambers, F. Alexander (University of Alabama Libraries, 2010)
    This collection of historical, autobiographical, and lyric essays traces the early history and expansion west of wheat in the Americas. It also considers the meaning of vocation, through the lens of the author's relationship ...
  • Hawkins, Jeremy Allan (University of Alabama Libraries, 2010)
    A volume of work selected from poems written between 2007 and 2010.
  • Gray, Chapin Rose (University of Alabama Libraries, 2010)
    A collection of poems.
  • Hauntings 
    Kowalski, Steven Casimer (University of Alabama Libraries, 2010)
    This thesis is a representation of my work in the creative writing program at the University of Alabama from 2006-2010.
  • Weinstein, Adam (University of Alabama Libraries, 2010)
    This is a collection of short, surrealist fictional essays. They describe the world as it once was--or maybe as it once will be.
  • Luca, Carmen Abigail (University of Alabama Libraries, 2010)
    This thesis explores the myriad ways in which the invocation of the female body enriches Shakespearean tragedy. Beginning with an Aristotelian definition of tragedy and then moving through a survey of Elizabethan and ...

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