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    Being there, being here: What critical field methods can tell us about WWC 2019
    (2021) Bagley, Meredith M.; Mary Anne, Taylor; University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
    While studies of rhetoric and discourse have recently (albeit slowly) embraced a turn to “field methods”, studies of sport discourse have remained reliant on textual or mediated artifacts. This is concerning to the authors given the ability of rhetorical field methods to capture “live” and “processual” rhetoric such as that occurring in and around live sporting events (Middleton, Senda-Cook & Endres, 2011). In this study we leverage the authors’ various experiences “being there” for the 2019 FIFA World Cup to ask what the women’s soccer World Cup meant on social, cultural, and rhetorical levels.
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    Blocked Out; Athletic Voices and WNBA Uniform Politics
    (2021) Bagley, Meredith M.; Liao, Judy; University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
    WNBA uniform politics in 2016 coalesced around three distinct voices: corporate sponsor logos, sanctioned pro-LGBTQ demonstration, and an unsanctioned Black Lives Matter player protest. We argue that uniform politics reveal a cautious, commercially linked, single-issue approach to social engagement in the WNBA.
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    Strategic Communication during Marital Relationship Dissolution: Disengagement Resistance Strategies
    Buchanan, Marcy C.; O'Hair, H. Dan; Becker, Jennifer A. H.; University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
    This study investigated communication strategies used by divorced individuals who did not wish their marriages to end (non-initiators). Participants were 270 divorced persons drawn from divorce recovery and support groups and network sampling. An adaptation of Buss’s (1988) taxonomy of partner retention tactics served to capture communication strategies of noninitiators during marital dissolution. A factor analysis revealed that four disengagement resistance strategies, in descending order of reported use—Commitment, Alignment, Negativity, and Harm—are used by non-initiators during the process of marital dissolution.
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    Defensive Communication and Burnout in the Workplace: The Mediating Role of Leader-Member Exchange
    Becker, Jennifer A. H.; Halbesleben, Jonathon R. B.; O'Hair, H. Dan; University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
    This paper investigates the relationship between defensive communication in performance appraisal settings by considering the mediating effect of leader-member exchange relationships. In a study of employees of a United States federal fire department, defensive communication was associated with lower quality leader-member exchange relationships, which in turn was related to burnout. We discuss the implications of these findings, particularly as they apply to organizations and their employees, as well as limitations and directions for future research.
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    The Creation of Defensiveness in Social Interaction II: A Model of Defensive Communication among Romantic Couples
    Becker, Jennifer A. H.; Ellevold, Barbara; Stamp, Glen H.; University of Alabama Tuscaloosa