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  • Stern, Allen (2014-05-20)
    After deducing the density profiles and gravitational potential functions of eight galaxies from the rotation velocity data from THINGS, we find that the density decreases exponentially with the potential in substantial ...
  • Santander, Marcos (2016-08-18)
    VERITAS is a ground-based array of four 12-meter telescopes near Tucson, Arizona and is one of the world’s most sensitive detectors of very high energy (VHE:>100 GeV) gamma rays. VER-ITAS has a wide scientific reach that ...
  • Piepke, Andreas (2012-01-17)
    We present the results of a search for extraterrestrial electron antineutrinos (v̅ₑ) in the energy range 8.3MeV < E v̅ₑ < 31.8MeV using the KamLAND detector. In an exposure of 4.53 kton-year, we identify 25 candidate ...

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