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  • Lin, Dacheng; Godet, Olivier; Ho, Luis C.; Barret, Didier; Webb, Natalie A.; Irwin, Jimmy A. (2017-02-24)
    The X-ray source 2XMM J123103.2+110648 was previously found to show pure thermal X-ray spectra and an ∼3.8 h periodicity in three XMM–Newton X-ray observations in 2003– 2005, and the optical spectrum of the host galaxy ...
  • Lin, Dacheng; Strader, Jay; Carrasco, Eleazar R.; Godet, Olivier; Grupe, Dirk; Webb, Natalie A.; Barret, Didier; Irwin, Jimmy A. (2017-11-16)
    The ultrasoft X-ray flare 2XMMi J184725.1−631724 was serendipitously detected in two XMM–Newton observations in 2006 and 2007, with a peak luminosity of 6 × 1043 erg s−1. It was suggested to be a tidal disruption event ...
  • Almeida, Ivan; Nemmen, Rodrigo; Wong, Ka-Wah; Wu, Qingwen; Irwin, Jimmy A. (2018-01-15)
    NGC 3115 is the nearest galaxy hosting a billion solar mass black hole and is also a lowluminosity active galactic nucleus (LLAGN). X-ray observations of this LLAGN are able to spatially resolve the hot gas within the ...
  • Villforth, C.; Nilsson, K.; Heidt, J.; Takalo, O.; Pursimo, T.; Berdyugin, A.; Lindfors, E.; Pasanen, M.; Winiarski, M.; Drozdz, M.; Ogloza, W.; Kurpinska-Winiarska, M.; Siwak, M.; Koziel-Wierzbowska, D.; Porowski, C.; Kuzmicz, A.; Krzesinski, J.; Kundera, T.; Wu, J.-H.; Zhou, X.; Efimov, Y.; Sadakane, K.; Kamada, M.; Ohlert, J.; Hentunen, V.-P.; Nissinen, M.; Dietrich, M.; Assef, R. J.; Atlee, D. W.; Bird, J.; DePoy, D. L.; Eastman, J.; Peeples, M. S.; Prieto, J.; Watson, L.; Yee, J. C.; Liakos, A.; Niarchos, P.; Gazeas, K.; Dogru, S.; Donmez, A.; Marchev, D.; Coggins-Hill, S. A.; Mattingly, A.; Keel, William C.; Haque, S.; Aungwerojwit, A.; Bergvall, N. (2010)

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