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  • McCutcheon, Madelyn (University of Alabama Libraries, 2020)
    Aplacophorans are shell-less, vermiform, marine mollusks that have a cuticle covered in calcareous scales or spines called sclerites. They are found worldwide in benthic marine habitats and are ecologically important to ...
  • Garrison, Nicole L.; Rodriguez, Juanita; Agnarsson, Ingi; Coddington, Jonathan A.; Griswold, Charles E.; Hamilton, Christopher A.; Hedin, Marshal; Kocot, Kevin M.; Ledford, Joel M.; Bond, Jason E. (2016)
    Spiders (Order Araneae) are massively abundant generalist arthropod predators that are found in nearly every ecosystem on the planet and have persisted for over 380 million years. Spiders have long served as evolutionary ...

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