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  • Piepke, Andreas (2014-09-23)
    We describe a system to transport and identify barium ions produced in liquid xenon, as part of R&D towards the second phase of a double beta decay experiment, nEXO. The goal is to identify the Ba ion resulting from an ...
  • Piepke, Andreas (2018-01-03)
    The LZ dark matter detector, like many other rare-event searches, will suffer from backgrounds due to the radioactive decay of radon daughters. In order to achieve its science goals, the concentration of radon within the ...
  • Piepke, Andreas (2010-11-02)
    We describe a source capable of producing single barium ions through nuclear recoils in radioactive decay. The source is fabricated by electroplating ^148Gd onto a silicon α-particle detector and vapor depositing a layer ...
  • Okada, Nobuchika (2005-02-07)
    The complete tables of Clebsch–Gordan (CG) coefficients for a wide class of SO(10) SUSY grand unified theories (GUTs) are given. Explicit expressions of states of all corresponding multiplets under standard model gauge ...

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