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  • Mukadam, Anjum S.; Townsley, D. M.; Szkody, Paula; Gänsicke, B. T.; Southworth, J.; Brockett, T.; Parsons, S.; Hermes, J. J.; Montgomery, M. H.; Winget, D. E.; Harrold, S.; Tovmassian, G.; Zharikov, S.; Drake, A. J.; Henden, A.; Rodriguez-Gil, P.; Sion, E. M.; Zola, S.; Szymanski, T.; Pavlenko, E.; Aungwerojwit, A.; Qian, S.-B. (2013-09)
    Photometric observations of the cataclysmic variable EQ Lyn (SDSS J074531.92+453829.6), acquired from 2005 October to 2006 January, revealed high-amplitude variability in the range 1166–1290 s. This accreting white ...

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