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  • Miller, Jon M.; Kaastra, Jelle S.; Miller, M. Coleman; Reynolds, Mark T.; Brown, Gregory; Cenko, S. Bradley; Drake, Jeremy J.; Gezari, Suvi; Guillochon, James; Gultekin, Kayhan; Irwin, Jimmy A.; Levan, Andrew; Maitra, Dipankar; Maksym, W. Peter; Mushotzky, Richard; O’Brien, Paul; Paerels, Frits; de Plaa, Jelle; Ramirez-Ruiz, Enrico; Strohmayer, Tod; Tanvir, Nial (2018-04-02)
    Tidal forces close to massive black holes can violently disrupt stars that make a close approach. These extreme events are discovered via bright X-ray1,2,3,4 and optical/ultraviolet5,6 flares in galactic centres. Prior ...

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